The whole building is on sale.

The property is a locomotive hall that was built in 1912. The total area of the yard is 3600 m2. The building has been renovated such that about 250 m2 is designated for business-use and about 100 m2 is for housing. The property is still undergoing renovation.

The tower is to be used for housing. In the third floor of the tower there is a sauna and a washing room that were built 12 years ago and are in need of renovation. The middle floor of the tower is suitable for a bedroom and in the ground floor a kitchen can be built. The living room would extend to the hall area, which is otherwise separated from the living quarters. These spaces are also in need of renovation. In the roof of the building there is a large exterior terrace, which can be accessed from the middle floor of the tower.

In the yard there is an old train car, which was used as a bar when there was a restaurant operating in the building. There is also a machine (diameter 13-14 metres) for turning train cars in the yard.

Price: 279 000 euros.

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